About Dynamics

Suzanne O'Brien

Suzanne specializes in Easy-Care Hair and Up-to-Date Cuts, Styles and Colors for women, men and children of all ages.
Dynamics offers an intimate environment for your hairstyling experience. Suzanne provides one-on-one attention to each client in a tranquil space. Clients love the privacy for their personal service, since we have only one hairstylist. No worries about feeling exposed in a bustling salon! We invite you to come in, relax, and be a part of our family at Dynamics. Suzanne wants you to love your hair, and strives to help you find a style and color you can manage easily, and always look your best!
Suzanne is trained as a Barber-Stylist and has been doing hair all her life; but professionally, all her adult life. She stays inspired about hairstyling with continuing education classes in cutting and coloring techniques. She has many hairstyling books to view, and is developing a portfolio of her work to view online.
Suzanne uses the best, most affordable hairstyling products on the market. She currently is focusing on product safety: paraben- and formaldehyde-free, cancer-safe shampoos, conditioners, colors and styling aids. The entire line of Kevin Murphy products are available for order; Suzanne stocks a small sampling of her favorite, and most well-used choices.
Suzanne is a master colorist, who specializes in both natural-look color and highlights, as well as the new and edgy "Ombre" technique, and other fun colors and styles. An "Ombre" is a two-tone haircolor, done either by adding a darker color to your hair, or lifting your existing color to create the look of a "grown-out" color job, sometimes with highlights to blend in.  Read More >>


Heather Watne  CMT

Heather offers therapeutic bodywork that integrates Eastern modalities to address each client's unique needs. You can choose to receive a session either on the futon or the table, depending on whether you would prefer deeper muscle work, or lighter, more energy-focused healing work.
Traditional Eastern massage modalities such as Barefoot Shiatsu and Thai Massage are received on a comfortable floor futon, recipient wearing loose clothing. This type of session includes massage, assisted stretching, pressure point work, and intention to treat the meridians (energy lines) that connect the acu-points, and bring the body to balance. Treatments are relaxing, yet often energizing, as well; an excellent treatment for opening shoulders, back and hips, while not needing to disrobe.
Lighter bodywork, such as Jin Shin Acupressure, Reiki, Craniosacral work and Polarity treatments are also received fully clothed, but on a massage table. Lighter treatments can address injured areas, emotional distress, and help provide deep relaxation, helping your body to activate its own self-healing powers. Lighter modalities can be combined with massage and foot reflexology to treat the whole body, on the physical as well as the energetic level. Read More >>


Melissa August CMT

Melissa offers relaxing, therapeutic bodywork for the whole family. She integrates her knowledge of Swedish and Sports Massage, Jin Shin Acupressure, assisted stretching and Craniosacral work to provide an opportunity for your body to rest, open and heal.
Traditional Western massage is received on a table, unclothed and draped with sheets for privacy. Some sports massage is received with clothes on; just let Melissa know your preference, and she can accommodate you. If you are short on time, she also offers seated chair massage.
Pregnancy and Post-Partum Massage Therapy are Melissa's specialties. She can help your body adjust to evolving conditions, and has direct experience and knowledge of the benefits of bodywork during this time, as she made it a priority during her own pregnancy. Melissa recommends more frequent bodywork as Moms get closer to delivery time; she knows once the baby arrives, schedules get full for the new parents, and massages may happen less frequently. By taking good care of yourself pre-delivery, you can hopefully minimize pain and suffering in the body once the baby comes. (This also applies to Dads.) Melissa offers Infant Massage Classes for new parents that combine well with a session for both the new Mom & Dad; a great gift for the new family! Read More >>

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